Cat-Back System

After Catalytic Converter of whole section ( Mid-pipe + rear muffler), we call CAT-BACK system.
The pipe can be from 50.8mm to 101mm with V-Band or regular flange for connection. We keep the pipe to be in straight as possible for exhaust-flow staying in smooth.
The rear muffler can be made in oval or barrel by different SPEC with offset for inlet & outlet pipes. The muffler also comes with Chamber or without Chamber and multiple perforate tubes by customized or optional, it just depends how you want to set the SPEC to match the car engine.


Rear Muffler in Oval

- Full Stainless Steel 304
- Brush Polished
- Quad Outlet Pipe
- Cross Perforate Tubes in Chamber
- Bolt-On by Flange Connected
The Photo Product is for Q50 2.0T

Middle Section

- From 50.8mm ~ 101mm Optional Sizes for Tube
- Raw Polished
- Mandrel Bend with TIG Weld
- Multiple Sizes Resonators
The Photo Product is for E9X M3

Rear Muffler in Round

- 304 Stainless
- Multiple Sizes Pipe Optional
- From 3" to 7" Round for Muffler Body
- Mirror Polished/ Brush Polished
- Twisted Perforate Tube Optional
- Multiple Style Tips Optional
The Photo Product is for E9X M3


Quad Muffler Conversion Kit

We made quad mufflers for some applications of conversion kit when car owner changes rear bumper.
All quad mufflers are Direct-Fit by bolt-on for installation. No any modify, just cut the original muffler and put Dynamik Quad Muffler on and clamp on; it is Direct-Fit to fit on and match the bumper exhaust outlet. The muffler kit comes with extra hanger accessories.


F30 328 M3 Quad

It is for F30 328 M3-style rear bumper. You don't need to make extra modify. The end tips position also fit the bumper exhaust outlet.
Dynamik Chamber-Design with Street-Sport Sound and better RPM respond.

2014 Dynamik Quad Muffler.jpg

Application List

All the conversion muffler kits, we tested the fitment; the installation is 100% without any modify for pipe bending, welding.
The muffler inside is design by Dynamik, you can get more quick RPM reposnd but also it won't be lose the torque and keep the power when you are in launch.
The Quad Muffler we don't make Crazy Loud! we still keep it in low-profile as original; it is just like more sporty version.


Styling to be you

The exhaust tip can be optional or customized design.
The tips can show up the style of your car, to be Racing style, Luxury style, Upgrade Option Style and more. It also help you to match the body styling kit.


Universal Muffler

Dynamik Universal Muffler comes with multiple sizes in oval or barrel, with tail tips on or without tips on.
We have many different SPEC tooling for end-cap, perforate-tube, chamber combination, inlet & outlet offset.
To assemble the muffler, we made it by Seam-Lock with capping machine or TIG welding by hand-made, it looks more performance feelings on.


KV / MV Universal Muffler

Products That Last

- KV Series Muffler, without tips, muffler ( Silencer, Canister )only.
SUS 304 Material.
- MV Series Muffler, with tips assembled on. SUS 304 Material.

Both series mufflers SPEC are limited.


Universal Muffler

Assembling by Capping Machine

We also use capping machine to seal the end-cap to assemble the canister become a muffler. The muffler assembling by capping machine is more consistency and looks more original style. It is good for considerable production for branding-sellers or chain-store.

Muffler A.JPG

Universal Muffler

Assembling by TIG Welding

Without capping machine to seal the end-cap, we assemble it by TIG weld with 100% accurate perfectly hand-made welding by labor. It looks more performance styling and much more customized; maybe it is not even in every piece muffler, but it does increase the unique.